• Parliament of canada

    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, 2014

  • Eastern Orthodox monasteries

    Meteora, Kalampaka, Greece

  • Dragon Boat Festival 2014

    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

  • Vimy Memorial Bridge

    Barrhaven, Ontario, Canada

HD quality pictures and videos to reframe whatever you're looking at. Use it to stand out from the rest and separate your business from the herd. Welcome to the future of photography.


What is aerial photography?

Topview Camera uses a modern Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) (commonly referred to as a ‘Drone’) to capture videos and photos from the sky. Using a UAV give us the ability to capture creative pictures and videos from a variety of unique angles...  Read more 

Is this even legal?

Unlike in many countries where the use of drones is partially or completely unregulated, Canada is at the forefront of regulating the use of UAV’s. All UAV’s used for commercial purposes must receive approval from Transport Canada to operate within Canada. Transport Canada sets rigorous standards for UAV flights in Canada...  Read more 

What about all those privacy issues?

Although there has been a lot of media attention on possible privacy issues related to the use of drones, these issues are not new and have already been dealt with by regular photographers. The same privacy laws that apply to photographer to protect individual’s privacy...  Read more 

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